The MCG comprises a small group of committed conservationists, activists, food growers and environmental students who intend to inspire others in our community to think about their lifestyles with regards to sustainability, resilience, climate change, biodiversity conservation, healthy living and animal rights.

Leading by example, and working with many partners, MCG influence their neighbours by hosting workshops in the community garden, visiting local schools to get gardens flourishing, instilling a culture of recycling, training many people to conduct water quality tests and monitor sewage spills, and building a growing movement of people sharing similar values.

Mpophomeni township, outside Howick was established in 1964.  A large wetland surrounds the township and the name Mpophomeni comes from the sound of falling water. The wetlands and streams that flow through Mpophomeni are in a dire condition. Pollution by sewage is a significant health issue. The uMthinzima river flows into Midmar Dam, which is a strategic source of water for residents downstream all the way to Durban, the economic hub of the province

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