Mad About Chameleons

What is slow, green and kind of crinkly?

The Midlands Dwarf Chameleon - which is the MCF logo. Chameleons, unwabu, verkleurmannetjies, usihlalo, trap-trappies - intriguing little critters, aren’t they?

Many chameleon species are endangered due to loss of habitat and the international pet trade. By conserving forests and woodlands, and protecting the grasslands that they need to survive in nature, we contribute to the health of entire ecosystems. 

You can help do this with a donation to the Midlands Conservancies Forum which is working to safeguard biodiversity in the KZN Midlands.   Instead of fighting crowds in the malls, do a little shopping in the slow lane. A Mad-About-Chameleons gift certificate is just the thing for someone who cares about forest creatures.  Instead of actual wrapped presents for family and friends, give them a chance to contribute to the amazing planet we share with chameleons.

It’s as green a gift as you can get!

Follow these easy steps -

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