Water Workshops
Penz Malinga searches for invertebrates  

MCF will host workshops in each of the 12 member Conservancies. Workshops will include a presentation of the findings of the 2012 Mayday for Rivers Mngeni River Walk, water legislation, hands on learning on how to conduct a mini-SASS test to determine water quality, and an interpretive walk through both healthy and degraded examples of riverine eco-systems. 

The miniSASS method is an easy to learn river health biomonitoring tool which is ideal for use by community based NGO's and environmental conservation clubs/conservancies to monitor and create education and awareness of river health in their community. It is based on the SASS(South African Scoring System) technique developed in the mid 1990's as a low technology, scientifically reliable and robust technique to monitor water quality in rivers and streams.

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N3 Toll Concession (Pty) Ltd is funding these programmes in 2013/2014.