River Custodians
Wattles along the uMngeni

In conjunction with other partners, in particular Duzi-Umngeni Conservation Trust (DUCT), the MCF plans to initiate a programme to rehabilitate affected ecosystems, by eradicating alien invasive plants in our mist-belt forests and grasslands, on which the streams and wetlands within the Mngeni catchment are dependant. This work will create direct jobs and provide skills and training during the course of the programme in aspects such as fire prevention and control, first aid, invasive alien plant identification and control, identification of fauna and flora, recording, and database establishment and maintenance.

Clearing infestations of alien invasive plants from grasslands and forests will enable the wetlands and springs to replenish surface and ground-water supplies, ensuring a continuous flow of clean water during wet and dry periods.  Improved water flows will help to dilute the effects of contamination downstream, improving the assimilative capacity of the natural ecosystems to deal with pollution and Climate Change.  The capacity of the ecosystems that support the catchment’s ability to provide a consistent flow of clean water to downstream users, including riverside communities and the eThekwini Metro, will be enhanced.

Funding proposals to do this work have been submitted to various organisations.