Kamberg Conservancy

The Kamberg is an area of outstanding natural beauty, with lush rolling grasslands nestled below the lilac foothills and craggy peaks of the Drakensberg. Named by early Dutch settlers, who thought that the rock formation looked like the comb or “kam” of a rooster, the Kamberg is a productive farming area as well as a place of abundant wildlife.

The 2232 hectare Kamberg Nature Reserve was established in 1951, and is a small but environmentally important haven for various antelope species including the eland, numerous smaller mammals. Birdlife includes the endangered lammergeyer and all three species of cranes. The rock art of Game Pass Shelter makes the reserve a significant destination for those interested in local history. Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife’s Highmoor Reserve, nearly 2000m above sea level, offers a second natural area for outdoor enthusiasts.

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